So, friends, I’d love to hear – what are you trusting? For whom or what are you grateful? What’s inspiring you? How are you having fun?

Writing Affirmations: #SOLSC21

Any and every form of writing is influenced by our life story, by our experiences. I want my students to know their stories matter, their stories have impact, their stories are worth listening to.

The Ides of March:#SOLSC21

Today was not a good day. Today was full of uncertainty. Today was supposed to offer answers. Today, instead, the ultrasound begged more questions. Today, I am emotionally drained.

Sunday Insight: #SOLSC21

Sometimes I desperately miss the days I stayed awake into the wee hours of the night racing to finish another novel. Now, I’m squeezing in writing time during toddler naps and bargaining with time in the evening, knowing said toddler will be fully charged as early as 6 AM.