SOL: Currently…

currently thankful for, amazed by, proud of myself for, looking forward to…

Slice of Life: “Boys will be boys”

I do not want to dismiss the burden of raising empowered females. However, do not dismiss nor discourage my burden of raising competent males who relentlessly and confidently and boldly empower other males, as well as females.

Slice of Life: What now?

I never thought I would participate – much less complete – a month long writing challenge shared with an actual audience of readers. Well, I blogged every single day in March and then “poemized” every single day in April. I am WIPED.

Queen of Tejano Music: #SOLSC21

It feels fitting to be celebrating La Reina’s life and empowering spirit on the same day I am celebrating my multifaceted identity of mija, esposa, mami, maestra, mujer.

Soccer Superstars: #SOLSC21

We’ve driven to countless stadiums, even driving two hours away to cheer them on at state. The Deckers’ version of an excellent date night? Dinner at Chipotle and screaming our heads off at a high school soccer game.


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