SOLSC22: This week five years ago…

One of my favorite things about phones these days is the automatic curation of collages, animations, and memory notifications I get nearly every day. Elías is “only” 2.5, but I so often cannot believe my eyes when a November 2020 memory pops up – “where did my little, little baby go???”

Welp, today was a fun trip down memory lane.. this week, five years ago, Kyle and I were in Oxford (and then London)!!! England had been at the top of my travel bucket list for the longest time, and Kyle surprised me with tickets for spring break that year. First stop: Oxford.

Some screenshots below; I can’t wait to visit again!!!

8 thoughts on “SOLSC22: This week five years ago…

  1. clover88 says:

    These are great photos and must evoke so many wonderful memories. Today, I was searching for a photo. It made me review a LOT of photos on my social media feed and I got to enjoy trips to the beach, dinners with friends, hikes in nature, photos of art and architecture, a Christmas/New Year trip with my spouse and brother to Italy (right before COVID!) and a “bucket list” trip with a couple we had planned for years to France earlier in 2019. The memories of those trips provided a lot of solace during the first months of the lockdown.

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  2. shawndastories says:

    Great photos and a great idea for your slice today! I love getting those “2/5/10 years ago today” photos on my phone. Sometimes I can’t believe some of the things I’ve done, places I’ve been, and how cute my not-so-little-anymore babies used to be. Your pictures make me want to start traveling again!

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  3. Fran Haley says:

    I, too. love this phone feature; the first time it collated photos of my granddaughter and set them to music in a little slideshow (of its own accord!), I cried. These are magnificent photos and memories; I would love to visit Oxford and London, and I so want to see the Yorkshire Dales.

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