SOLSC22: Pushing myself to write

It’s almost 10:30 PM, and I do not feel like writing. I don’t think I have much to say. I cannot think of anything witty or creative to share.

Sometimes I scroll through my phone and use a picture to prompt my writing. Today, however, you’d only find Kyle coaxing Elías to put on his Mickey Mouse jacket this morning (sometimes the morning routine goes unbelievably smooth and other mornings you lose 8 minutes because the toddler refuses a jacket in 43 degree weather but then wants to put it on himself but needs help but pushes your arm away but but but but…) and my van’s fuel gauge almost on E (to show Kyle my confusion as to why the warning light hadn’t turned on even though it said I had 19 miles to empty!).

One thing I can say with confidence… I’m ready for spring break!

6 thoughts on “SOLSC22: Pushing myself to write

  1. Brian Rozinsky says:

    I found myself adrift in a similar boat tonight. But, look: We did it! Bravo for finding a way, and on we go –just not too soon — to a new day.

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  2. Denise Krebs says:

    Britt, some days are like that. No clever witticisms necessary. You gave us so much truth in your specific examples of the jacket and the gas gauge nearing empty. Congratulations for being here and making it by midnight!

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  3. arjeha says:

    Nothing wrong with hitting a stone wall in our writing. A slice of life is exactly that, a slice of what is happening or what we are thinking at the moment. If we can’t think about something it is perfectly fine to write about not being able to think of something. I speak from experience.

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  4. NYOCW says:

    LOVE the alliteration in your blog header! LOVE the freedom of the slice. In this space, you get credit for writing. Boom! You showed up. And at 10:30, no less! I hope you have a restful, playful, wonderful Spring Break!


  5. Elisa Waingort says:

    I hope your Spring Break is (was) great! Some days, I feel like I have nothing to say. The way you wrote about a small moment, despite not having anything witty or creative to say, was revealing. Many of us have mornings like that even with teenagers! LOL!

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