SOLSC22: Nine Random Things

Happy Monday evening! It’s not that I forgot; it’s just that… I can already tell this is going to be a hectic week. So, here are 9 random things about today:

1. A student asked me how I consistently have the most energy they’ve ever seen any teacher have.

2. We were rear ended in January, so we haven’t had the mom van for nearly two months. We’ve had a countryman (mini cooper), to be exact. Two adults. Two car seats. Uh-huh. We picked up the van today – yay!!! We still have to return at a later date because all the parts are back ordered… nationally – booooo!!!

3. Report card grades are due Friday.

4. Admin served staff appreciation nachos for lunch.

5. We’re planning for a big trip over spring break.

6. Our warm-up quick write today was fascinating! (List as many questions as you can that you’d want to ask one of the following people: POTUS, a famous person [dead or alive], your enemy, Mrs. Decker.)

6A. Third period: “Of course you’d include yourself as someone we can write about…” *eye roll*

6B. Over half of third period chose Mrs. Decker. *sly grin*

7. Julius Caesar was assassinated today!

8. I’m finding the attendance issue defeating sometimes.

9. A student has committed to turning his quick write responses into poems, and….they’ve been pure magic ✨

3 thoughts on “SOLSC22: Nine Random Things

  1. Denise Krebs says:

    Britt, I love your nine random things. Your writing and smile makes me believe Number 1 is totally true for a lot of people. Two young children, full-time teaching, blogger, and still full of energy! Amen, sister. Peace to you, and a great spring break trip. (I hope it will include some energy builders for you!)


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