SOL: A decade with my love

The last few days have been quite celebratory; we celebrated ten years of having met, AND today is Kyle’s birthday. Below are 10 TEN WORD STORIES to celebrate Kyle, both his life and his presence in mine.

  1. You wooed me with your convictions and rich theological conversations.
  2. You demonstrated total commitment when deciding to move to Houston.
  3. You improvise silly songs to amuse Elías, Gabriel… and me.
  4. You consistently, thoughtfully protect every part of our well being.
  5. You have ruined steakhouse experiences because of your perfect grilling.
  6. You soothe middle of the night baby screams with snuggles.
  7. Your unusually calm demeanor with two screaming boys is admirable.
  8. You are eager to learn how to love us well.
  9. Your dedication to researching pros and cons is annoyingly adorable.
  10. You’re passionate about students, ensuring their success through relationship building.

2 thoughts on “SOL: A decade with my love

  1. Lainie Levin says:

    What a beautiful tribute. I really hope that Kyle reads this and remembers what a catch he has right on back.

    I can also relate to #5. I can never eat barbecue at a restaurant because my husband has spoiled me for the food he cooks!


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