SOL: NCTE, 6 words//34 words

Happy Thanksgiving week!! I’m riding the conference high, so I’m encapsulating in six words and 34 words (I learned that from someone here on SOL actually; it was originally a Kelly Gallagher thing, yes? Someone help so I can give credit where credit’s due!)

6 word memoir
Virtual NCTE: inspiring, full of joy

34 word story
I was nervous about whether I would enjoy a virtual conference. It did not disappoint – at all. Thankful I stand on the shoulders of giants who relentlessly pursue children and what’s best for them.

3 thoughts on “SOL: NCTE, 6 words//34 words

  1. Alice says:

    Ooh, 34 word stories? That’s a new one I’ll have to try. You know a conference is good if you’re riding the high well after it’s over. If you get a chance, go to TLA (Tx Library Association).


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