To my soul sister on her birthday: #SOLSC21

Happy, happy birthday to my best friend!!! We have changed and grown tremendously over the last 15+ years. Your unwavering kindness has never faltered. It has been a joy to watch you move forward, learning your own strengths and weaknesses. Your growth this past year alone has stunned me, and I am lucky to call you mi amiga, mi hermana.

Thank you for…

Supporting me and all my ideas (including this blog!)
Offering sound advice
Understanding, and mostly, seeking to understand instead of assuming
Loving me – and my family

Sharing your truth with me
Investing in our sisterhood no matter how hard or time-consuming or revealing it might be
Storytelling the most hilarious situations and interactions in a way only you could
Taking the time to appreciate me for who I am, not seeking to change me
Every consejo, even when/if I don’t want to hear it
REJOICING with me, for me, about me, alongside me

Love you, Ana!

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