Curly Hair Journey in Five Sentences: #SOLSC21

Throughout elementary school, mami would spend hours blow drying my unbelievably thick hair while cramped in the bathroom.

Around middle school, we eventually added the straightener to the routine separating the layers from top to bottom, left and right sides.

Thick, voluptuous, sleek hair was my pride and joy as I received numerous compliments regarding how every hair had its place, how voluminously it bounced.

While covid quarantine kept me too afraid of the hair salon summer of 2020, I let my mom put scissors to my head and then let her diffuse my hair after placing product in it.

Discovery of naturally curly hair: liberating, beautiful, untamed, me.

15 thoughts on “Curly Hair Journey in Five Sentences: #SOLSC21

    1. britt says:

      “reclaiming your curls” why did I not think of this?! I’m tempted to change the title of this post, Erica…. Thanks a lot, LOL.

      Yay!! I hope to read a hair blog from you soon 🙂

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    1. britt says:

      I really don’t know if I’m using it correctly, but I’m probably not because my mom saw me the other day and said, “oh, you do it like that?” LOL. I love learning how to care for curly hair though, so I’m enjoying the process even if it means some “bad hair days!”


  1. Lainie Levin says:

    Oh heavens the STRAIGHTENER. I would sit in that salon chair and when the pain was enough to bring tears, that’s how I knew it was working. Or the perm to get my hair LESS curly. I fought my curly hair for a LONG time, and finally accepted my natural hair as a grown-up. ‘Course, now I know we can wear our hear however we darn well want. Your hair is a gorgeous piece of YOU no matter which way…you cut it =))

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    1. britt says:

      Last sentence – LOL!

      Isn’t it funny how we desperately want the opposite of what we have? I just refused to even see if I could curl my hair, but wanted it so badly as a kid. I actually did get a perm in middle school just to see what curly hair would feel like!
      I love this freedom!


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