How I’m Celebrating Today #SOLSC21

Conversation at 5:30 AM

Kyle: Oh, and can you bring me a cough drop?
Me: Yes. Um, ALSO, happy International Women’s Day!
Kyle: Is that why you’re really taking the day off?
Me: *eye roll* Actually, I can’t decide if I’m caving into the expectation of my domestic duties. Not only is our son sick, but you, too?!
Kyle: No no, you’re exercising your right to use your days which men don’t have to worry about, but women don’t call out for fear of losing respect, position, or possible promotions.
Me: ….. I’m going back to bed.
Kyle: Actually, that’s not even true. Women take more days.
Me: Omgosh, wake me when our son wakes up.

I thought I would write in response to a quote today. Or a letter to the women who have inspired me. Or alongside a mentor text. Or complain about the gender wage gap.

It turns out I have a big boy and little boy to take care of on this Monday – Happy International Women’s Day!

13 thoughts on “How I’m Celebrating Today #SOLSC21

  1. Lainie Levin says:

    Ah, yes, that. My sons, who are very much in support of women’s rights (but also HIGHLY in favor of giving me grief wherever possible) would tell me that they are 77% glad to celebrate me on Women’s Day. I DO love them, on alternate Tuesdays ; )

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