How I’m Celebrating Today #SOLSC21

Conversation at 5:30 AM

Kyle: Oh, and can you bring me a cough drop?
Me: Yes. Um, ALSO, happy International Women’s Day!
Kyle: Is that why you’re really taking the day off?
Me: *eye roll* Actually, I can’t decide if I’m caving into the expectation of my domestic duties. Not only is our son sick, but you, too?!
Kyle: No no, you’re exercising your right to use your days which men don’t have to worry about, but women don’t call out for fear of losing respect, position, or possible promotions.
Me: ….. I’m going back to bed.
Kyle: Actually, that’s not even true. Women take more days.
Me: Omgosh, wake me when our son wakes up.

I thought I would write in response to a quote today. Or a letter to the women who have inspired me. Or alongside a mentor text. Or complain about the gender wage gap.

It turns out I have a big boy and little boy to take care of on this Monday – Happy International Women’s Day!

13 thoughts on “How I’m Celebrating Today #SOLSC21

  1. Ah, yes, that. My sons, who are very much in support of women’s rights (but also HIGHLY in favor of giving me grief wherever possible) would tell me that they are 77% glad to celebrate me on Women’s Day. I DO love them, on alternate Tuesdays ; )

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