Slice of Life: Where I’m Going

A twist on “Where I’m From” poem (thanks to Teach Write!). While it seems a bit presumptuous to declare and decree where I’m going, some things are absolutely certain. As I survey the phases I know I am – or will be – embracing, I recognize that I move forward with hesitation. But I know I am not alone because I am loved and supported.

Phases and Seasons

Who do I think I am?
What will happen?
I’m going toward a deeper cultivation of my writing identity, 
armed with a supportive community. 

What if I don’t know enough?
What if I’m not effective? 
I’m going into the classroom,
armed with a learner’s mindset. 

Am I good enough?
What if I can’t handle two?
I’m going into a new phase of motherhood,
armed with the collective strength of those who came before me. 

What’s here? 
What will happen?
I’m going into the unknown, 
armed with hope and anticipation.

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I’m participating in Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life weekly challenge.

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Where I’m Going

  1. Heather Morris says:

    I love the format of your poem. Great questions. I think I will have a hard time writing this poem because it is hard for me declare things ahead of time. I noticed my list is safe. I included what I know will happen. I think I need to be braver.

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  2. arjeha says:

    Great poem. We are all going into the unknown and how we approach it is the difference between wonder and joy or fear and despair. Having a network and using that network means we are never alone and there is always someone somewhere to help get through any situation.

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