Multifaceted Me: Part I

As I considered the angles from which I wanted to write this blog, I simply couldn’t settle on just one (despite all the blogs about blogging). The stories in all of my roles deserve to be heard. In this series, Multifaceted Me, I’d like to explore and explain five layers of what makes me, ME. (Additionally, as a bilingual person, I will “freely access my entire language repertoire,” as the great Dr. Jose Medina says!)

Mija: This word is a shortened, endearing Spanish word for “mi hija” which literally means “my daughter.” As a daughter, I am an heir to unparalleled riches. I receive life and love in abundance.

Mis orejas listen to the stories of times past, to the wisdom dispensed, to the music that binds.
Mis manos receive the blessing of nourishment and tangible help and comfort.
Mis ojos witness the power of sisterhood that my mami and tias exhibit as they fiercely protect their parents.
Mi corazón revels at the duty and respect and service to elders.
Mi alma receives the promise of eternal communion with Christ.

Mija: This word is a shortened, endearing Spanish word that is too small to describe the responsibility of carrying on as an ancestor, too small to express the gratitude of receiving abundant love, too small to understand the access I have been gifted.

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