What do you wonder?

I’m joining Michelle Haseltine’s July writing challenge and crossing out another Bingo square by creating a list of questions (what do I wonder?). Join the notebooking fun here!

  • What will life after COVID look like?
  • What will determine “after” COVID?
  • What will school look like in the fall?
  • Why do low income students always suffer most at the hands of society’s inequities?
  • Why is mental illness filled with stigma?
  • How do loved ones create space for mentally ill family members?
  • How does trauma trigger mental illness?
  • Will immediate loved ones always have to bear the consequences of mental illness?
  • When did police officers become the first line of defense for the mentally ill?
  • Can racism really ever end?
  • Will this school year be more difficult as a parent of a one-year old?

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