One Little Word: Monthly Edition

I attempted to commit to One Little Word a couple of years ago, but I didn’t do much with it. It’s a word I still love – celebrate – but I didn’t understand the concept of carrying a word for an entire year. The idea is attractive; it just felt like too long of a commitment. 

In hopes of easing some of my anxiety this year, I set out to use a planner in a meaningful and productive way. A couple of months into 2020, I realized how overwhelming it is to hope and plan and expect for an entire year. So, I switched it up and tried just one month. Even within one month, setting weekly goals is more realistic and productive.

Similar to how I’ve evolved my thinking about setting goals by month, or even week, I’m intrigued by the idea of having a word for the month instead of a whole year. On the heels of just completing a June Bible reading challenge through Romans, I discovered a July challenge that revolves around the theme of FREEDOM.

This was supposed to be a reflection on how my One Little Word is going, but I think it’s serving more as an introduction for my “One Little Word” for July..

Here’s to looking forward to how FREEDOM is exhibited this month.

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